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The Smart Negotiator! Course

On-Site Workshop Information:

From how we go about customizing your on-site program to choosing the right workshop format, and the special extras that we provide, here are important things that you should know about The Smart Negotiator! workshop:

Customization (This is NOT an off-the-shelf program!)

Bringing The Smart Negotiator! to your location allows us to customize the program to meet your needs and address the negotiation issues that are relative to your company and the participants attending the workshop. To do this we:

•Establish baseline knowledge of your industry, your company and those who will be attending the workshop. We need to have a thorough understanding of the negotiation issues faced so that they can be addressed in the program. This is done through discussions/interviews with designated individuals that are either attending or directly manage or supervise those attending.

•Develop client-specific problem-based case studies in conjunction with the site designee(s) for use in the workshop. We develop the case studies, but we need your input! The number of client-specific cases that can be used is determined by the format (one or two-day). Customizing your program is standard for us. There is no additional fee for this service.


The Smart Negotiator! workshop can be conducted in either a one or two-day format. Components of the workshop will be selected in consultation with the designated client contact to best address participant needs. Obviously, not all topics can be covered in the one-day format. The depth at which topics can be covered and the number of experiential exercises that can be utilized is determined by the format selected. Participants in the two-day workshop are provided with a "take-away" business negotiations book for reinforcement and continued learning. The two-day format is recommended to maximize the transfer of learning.

Special Workshop Benefits

The Smart Negotiator! workshop is loaded with unique extras that set our program apart, make it more effective and add value for you. These benefits include:

•Customized client-specific problem-based case studies as described above;

•Negotiation Skills Self-Evaluation Survey used at the opening of workshop to get participants focused on the topic and thinking about their own negotiation experience and skill level; •Note-Taking workbook to be used to keep the session organized and further engage the participants in the learning process, as well as for reference afterward;

•Post-Session Action Plan for completion as the session is closing, outlining changes that the participant will make in their negotiations based on what they just learned;

•Workshop evaluations are distributed and collected. We will compile the results and send you a copy.

•An insightful "take-away" book relative to business negotiations (two-day format only);

•Post-session virtual help desk is available to all participants via email. We encourage participants to keep in touch, ask further questions, discuss their skills, etc. With client permission, we will follow-up with participants directly via email to reinforce learning. Request a proposal